What we do

Bravium is much more than your typical financial planning firm.  We understand what is needed to help you achieve the financial security that eludes many Australians.  Our advice is much more than simply looking at product solutions.  It involves a much deeper understanding of your aspirations, and the strategies that not only deal with utilising your existing financial resources, but also looking at the behaviors and financial decision making that may stand in the way of achieving these aspirations.

We provide you with a Terms of Engagement letter each and every year.  We do this because life is full of uncertainties and we don’t want to make any assumptions about you or your aspirations.  It gives us an opportunity to understand the value of the advice relationship every year, for you and us.

The Advice Process

The development of our advice will link the recommended strategies back to the aspirations you identified during our very first meeting.  We spend considerable time researching your existing financial position, and the best strategies to achieve those aspirations.  We carefully explain why the strategies recommended are the best path forward, any risks associated with those strategies, and alternate strategies that we considered, but did not recommend and why.  The purpose of this is to ensure that you understand how and why the advice was put together, avoiding any ‘leaps of faith’ on your behalf.


We often get asked how much we charge for our services.  In our world of Certainty Based Advice there are no commissions, no fees paid by banks or fund managers and no kickbacks on the side.  We believe in charging our fees direct to our clients based on the complexities they face and the value we can add, year in, year out.  We believe in adding significant value for the fees we charge and we believe our fees should be reviewed each year, because we know that the complexities faced by our clients’ change over time as do the outcomes they are seeking to achieve.  We only take on new clients where we believe we can add significant value.

Investment Philosophy

Bravium has a philosophy that as investors, we should look to buy a quality portfolio of assets that will provide a valuable income stream that grows over time.  This income can then be used to repay debt, fund retirement, fund children’s education, fund travel, or start a business and a range of other things that may be important to you.  The thing about income from growth assets, particularly shares, is that it is comparatively much more stable than the capital value of these assets, which tend to be quite volatile over the short term.  Of course there can still be times when capital growth may be preferable which is why getting professional financial advice is important.

Bravium is a strong believer in investing directly in the Australian Share market, rather than using managed funds for a number of reasons:

  1. It provides greater control over income versus capital growth potential in the portfolio;
  2. It allows us to better control tax outcomes for individual clients (we can consider your personal marginal tax rate and capital gains tax implications of investment decisions); and
  3. It allows us the option of participating in corporate actions if desired.

Whilst we like to invest direct in the Australian share market we still see managed funds playing a valuable role in clients portfolio’s in other sectors such as cash and fixed interest, global shares, infrastructure and property due to a range of reasons including professional management, diversification, and ease of investing.

We believe in being proactive when it comes to investing, if we think a change needs to be made then we will make contact to let you know.  We conduct ongoing research in relation to economic conditions and specific investments to continually assess our client’s investment portfolios.