5 Reasons to seek financial advice in the New Year

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Be prepared for the ugly and unexpected

Making money is an exciting prospect and is one of the reasons many seek financial advice, however it needs to come after you have ensured you have put in place a plan for when things go wrong.  And let’s face it, things do go wrong!  So, the first reason to seek financial advice is to ensure that regardless of what happens in 2018, good or bad, you are well prepared.  Financial stress is debilitating, and taking the time now to avoid it, is time well spent.  Having a professional guide you through this process will save significant time and money.

Understand what you want from life

You may be surprised to know that financial planning is in fact more about aspirations than money.  In actual fact, it’s what money allows you to do, that is actually important.  This is the context for receiving advice that will be valuable to you, rather than advice that is simply to sell you a product.  So, whilst you are sipping on a Gin and Tonic over Christmas, write down what you would like to be able to do in the future, that you can’t do today.  You can make the list as long as you like, as far out into the future as you like.  Put everything on there!  Sitting down with a financial adviser can help you refine your thoughts and put in place the foundation for financial advice.


You need to be brutally honest with yourself when prioritising what is important to you.  For example, we often hear clients say they would like more work/life balance, but when we discuss this in greater detail, other priorities such as travelling with their young family is actually a greater priority, as they want to provide their children with life experiences.  To assist you prioritise, ask yourself why each aspiration is on your list, and what is the significance or importance of achieving it.  Once you have a list of prioritised aspirations, you can look to engage with a financial adviser who can consider how best to make these aspirations a reality.


A financial adviser is like a personal trainer for your money habits.  They can help you to make smarter decisions about money and keep you straying too far from the plan.  By understanding the benefit of sticking to your plan, it makes it easier to avoid impulse spending and failing to achieve the financial outcomes you are looking for.

Have more confidence

Getting valuable financial advice, that has carefully considered what is important to you, will give you confidence to get on with enjoying your life and money!  You can stop worrying if you are making the right decisions, if you are spending too much, or if you will ever get ahead financially.  Permission to pat yourself on the back!